& A Happy New Year.

It's been a minute. 2015 was a crazy year for me and mines. My wife and I paid off all of our debt (excluding our home) which is a project that has dominated our life for the better part of 3 years. It was an exercise in diligence, contentment and obedience. If you ever find yourself under a mountain of student loan debts, hospital bills, car loans and credit cards you should really give this endeavor a shot. It was a hard fought 3 years but the freedom is undeniable. A freedom to make some otherwise crazy decisions, like, I don't know moving to a different state for another job.

So, that's exactly what we did. Over a year ago I saw the creative director of a not so little shop called Huge speak at a conference and I told one of my then co-workers, "If I ever get the chance, I'm gonna work at that place." Fast forward 6 months, I get an email from a recruiter for none other than Huge. Yada Yada, I work there now. I uprooted my family, packed up our old Dodge Dakota, my wife quit her job and we moved to the booming metropolis of Atlanta. It's been exciting, stressful, exhausting and rewarding. It was a hard decision to move away from all of our friends and family, but when it came down to it I decided I'd rather know that I made a mistake than wonder if I missed an opportunity. 

Up to this point, the blessings we've received on this adventure have been numerous. I work at an awesome shop with great people, Kelly gets stay home with our son, Hudson, and the amount of times Kelly and I have looked at each other and said "Thank God we did this when we did." are hard to count.

So yeah, 2015 — what a nutty year. It's been a wild ride and I can't wait to see what 2016 throws at us. I'll try to keep this site up a little more. Admittedly, when life gets wacky, this is one of the first of my extracurricular activities to get cut. Now that life has normalized a little bit, I should be around a little more. 

Have a merry one. Good tidings and all that.