New Work for Verizon FiOS

Erwin-Penland recently acquired the social account for Verizon FiOS. One of the social platforms our team now manages is Instagram. This particular social platform is tricky. Since most users avoid branded content and choose to follow friends, inspirational or creative accounts there isn't much room for 'buy this!'. With this understanding, we attempted something kind of ballsy. To position FiOS as the ultimate entertainment enthusiast we decided not to use photography at all, instead we opted for fan art. Each week I illustrate 2-3 pieces for the account. These colorful little squares are filled with 100% fandom. We find iconic objects from every genre of film, television and gaming. All of this is done to prove to the FiOS following that we care about entertainment just as much as they do. 

To see the whole lot, follow FiOS on Instagram.